The Day Has Arrived…

So… I have been told, for more than a year now, that a
blog will help me with my brand. And after a nice little temper tantrum that
will make my neighbour’s 2 year old blush (here’s talking to you princess),
& thank you to Lindi for being at the receiving end of that tantrum… I am
FINALLY hacking away at my keyboard.

I hereby introduce you to my world of photography, design
& just thought ramblings of the late night kind. Sometimes it will be worth
the read, sometimes it will be utter nonsense, maybe at times you will learn
something; but most of all… Hopefully… I will not bore the living gluten
out of you (or maybe that’s a good thing). Please do not expect award winning
writing because I’m not here to impress you with the English language. I want
to share with you what I have experienced, seen, done, the weirdos I work/ed
with & plenty more. This world that I’m a part of, has opened so many doors
for me and I have had the privilege to be enriched with amazing experiences.

How many times a week will you hear from me… I dunno… but
what I do know now is this, I’m stuck with entertaining you and that is going to
wrinkle my brain for days to come.

Thank you for spending 2 mins of your day to read this, I
adore you and I apologize ;)

#snoochieboochies #blondewiththef2.8 #nhpd_19

Come on, let’s have a coffee!

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